Offering a Great Selection to the Grand Valley

Pinnacle Hearing Aid Center offers a wide selection of products from the top manufacturers in the hearing aid industry.

Offering these choices makes it possible to meet a range of needs based on audiometric evaluation results, as well as patient lifestyle, preference and financial concerns. Different technology levels, style of aids and accessories ensures that we can offer each client a customized fitting.

Hearing aids are available in discreet behind-the-ear options or custom made to fit into the ear canal. Many accessories are available to enhance the use of hearing aids such as cell phone connectivity, remote control applications and devices, tv and audio streaming and rechargeable battery technology.

Dispensing of Hearing Aids

Once a you have had a hearing evaluation and it is determined you are candidate for hearing aids all options are discussed. Topics of discussion include the type of hearing loss you have, your lifestyle and activities, your cosmetic desires, and any financial issues. The best match is a hearing aid that meets your daily activity needs while providing you with a level of technology, style and fit that meets your listening requirements at a price that is affordable to you.

Will my hearing aids restore my hearing to normal?

Hearing aids do not restore you to completely normal hearing. Even though they make sounds louder, the louder sounds are still sent to a damaged cochlea. This damaged cannot be repaired but hearing aids will greatly improve your ability to hear and can dramatically enhance your quality of life

Is it difficult to adjust to wearing hearing aids?

Wearing hearing aids for the first time requires that you re-learn how to hear: you can expect a short adjustment period. This experience will be different for everyone. Talk to your hearing healthcare professional about any concerns that you have. Be patient and stick with it – you’ll be enjoying the benefits soon.​

If I have a hearing loss in both ears, do I need to wear two hearing aids?

Hearing healthcare professionals usually recommend wearing two hearing aids for people who have hearing loss in both ears. This is called a binaural fitting. Two hearing aids help to improve hearing in noise, localize sound, and improve clarity and sound quality and may help with balance. Studies have shown that people are more satisfied with their hearing aids when they wear one in each ear.

How long do hearing aids last?

The life of your hearing aids depends on the style of the aids, how often you wear them, the amount of earwax you produce, and how you care for them. Many products come with a manufacturer's warranty that cover normal wear and tear and loss/damage for one to three years. Kept and cared for properly, on average, most hearing aids last four to five years before they require replacing.