What to Expect During a Hearing Evaluation

When you come to Pinnacle Hearing Aid Center for a hearing evaluation, you will be assessed via a series of diagnostic tools to determine your hearing and ear health. A history will be taken to determine what concerns you may have, as well the symptoms you are experiencing. Other questions will be asked about the possible cause of your hearing loss such as previous or existing medical conditions, medications, exposure to loud noise and family history of hearing loss.

A physical examination of the outer ear and of the ear canal using an otoscope will be performed to determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed or perhaps a blockage of the ear canal due to excessive ear wax.

Your hearing will then be tested in a sound booth, presenting a variety of tones through a headset and a bone oscillator. The responses are recorded for each ear, determining the type of hearing loss that is present. Speech testing may also be conducted to determine the degree of loss on understanding of speech.​ The results of the test are then used to determine the best choice of hearing instruments for the correction of your unique hearing loss.

The hearing evaluation is painless and comfortable. Each step will be explained along the way. The basic evaluation and consultation generally do not take longer than an hour. If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact our office for more information.